Getting Started with VCamp

Welcome and thank you for joining us on the VClub adventure!

Keeping Connected & Creating Bright Futures in Our Virtual Clubs

To continue to support our Club members and families while our sites are closed, we are excited to announce the launch of our VClub platform!

What is required for VClub?

STEP 1: All that is needed to get started is access to a computer, iPad or Chromebook and an internet connection. Please visit https://www.internetessentials.com/ to see if you qualify for free Comcast internet access. 

STEP 2: Parents/guardians, to have your members participate, please visit and follow/subscribe to your Club member’s Facebook school site to stay up to date on news, activities, and more. Below is the contact information for each Club site. If you have questions about the activities, programs, or need help with MyFuture, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our Club site directors.

Programs and Software used in VClub

Zoom Meeting- Our remote video chat service that allows online meetings and classes with Site Directors and children enrolled in VClub. Site Directors and Staff will be communicating with children using this platform. Zoom will be used for the Live VClub Experience. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please download the Zoom Meeting App (Android and iOS are supported) and enter the Club Site Meeting ID below. If you are using a computer or Chromebook, please click HERE, followed by entering the Club site Meeting ID.  

Facebook pages- Club Sites will be updated regularly to reflect upcoming Live VClub Experience times using Zoom Meeting, schedules, and any other information to help each child participate in this program. Parents may need to log in under their Facebook accounts if the child does not have their own Facebook. 

YouTube- Club Sites will have previously recorded Zoom Meetings and other videos posted to help members with activities. YouTube accounts are not necessary to access these videos.

MyFuture Program- is a digital tool to learn, play, and socialize, as part of the digital Club experience. Here, members like you can share media projects, participate in contests to win awesome prizes, and earn badges to show you’ve accomplished. To get started in creating a MyFuture account click HERE, or click your Club Site’s YouTube link below to get started. 

VCamp Activity and Program Schedule:

Each Club Site will be running programs in our 5 key programs: Education, Health & Wellness, Sports & Recreation, Arts, and Leadership & Service.


1St & 2nd Grade

VCamp Leader: Paloma Gutierrez, [email protected], 331.276.9153

3rd & 4th Grade

VCamp Leader: Ria Angeles, [email protected]

5th & 6th Grade

VCamp Leader: Thomas Modrich, [email protected]

  • Zoom Page info: Please contact Thomas

7th & 8th Grade

VCamp Leader: Coming Soon

VCamp Leader: Daniela Mendoza, [email protected]

Perry Elementary

VCamp Leader: Diana Colin, [email protected], 331.276.3055

Sunny Hill Elementary

VCamp Leader: Tania Ramos, [email protected], 224.345.1740 

CMS – Carpentersville Middle School

VCamp Leader: Krystal Haro, [email protected], 847.363.6196

Additional Resources Available:
Online Learning Tools
  • KhanAcademy – Courses and education in Math, Science & Engineering, Arts & Humanities, and College Test Prep
  • Wikibooks – Free content e-book and textbooks to help in several different school subjects.
  • Education.com – Basic Members (free to join, click sign up in the upper right corner) Free access to premium resources.
  • Go Noodle: Engages kids with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. 
  • KidsActivities.net: Lesson Plans, Fun Games, Activities, Jokes, Riddles for kids.
  • KidLitTv: Free children’s literature through video and podcasts
  • Newsela.com: Free access to Newsela’s entire product suite for the rest of the 2019/2020 school year. 
  • Prodigy.com: Free full curriculum access for students in Grades 1-8
  • Hammermill: Family Fun Activities 
  • Code.org: Weekly interactive classroom videos on coding. 
  • NASA: At-home STEM tutorials and Activities.
  • OneTab: Fun things to do including Art and Minecraft Education. 
  • PHET: Interactive Simulations for Science and Math. 
  • Outschool.com: Classes available for free to families in the U.S. who have been impacted by school closure and are facing financial hardship. Once you register for this program, you will still see full prices listed across the site, but any class scheduled between March 10 and June 1, 2020 is eligible for this offer. When you click to enroll in an eligible class, you will see its price reduced to $1. You will need to enter a credit card, and you will be charged $1 per enrollment. This initial charge is necessary to confirm your intention to join the class, and to verify your identity. We will refund it when we confirm your attendance at the first class meeting. (Limit is $50 worth of classes per family)


Virtual Tours:


Social and Emotional Support:

  • Kane County 211 – Social and emotional support hotline through the United Way offers service and resources. Resources services such as food pantries, medical services, counseling, employment support, legal assistance and more. 
  • NAMI- National Mental Illness support.



Golfview Elementary 

VClub Leader: Paloma Gutierrez, [email protected], 331.276.9153


Parkview Elementary

VClub Leader: Cindy Ugalde, [email protected], 847.687.8786


Meadowdale Elementary

VClub Leader: Arely Gamez, [email protected], 847.915.9081


Lakewood Elementary

VClub Leader: Marissa Tinajero, [email protected], 847.363.4969


Perry Elementary

VClub Leader: Diana Colin, [email protected], 331.276.3055


Sunny Hill Elementary

VClub Leader: Tania Ramos, [email protected], 224.345.1740 


CMS -Carpentersville Middle School

VClub Leader: Krystal Haro, [email protected], 847.363.6196


Impact Center -High School

VClub Leader: Mark Manser, [email protected], 847.702.2393

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