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Who is excited for VCamp this summer? Each week will center around a specific topic that relates to exploration. This week’s theme is Famous Explorers!

Keeping Connected & Creating Bright Futures in Our Virtual Clubs

To continue to support our Club members and families while our sites are closed, we are excited to announce the launch of our VClub platform!

What is VCamp?

VCamp is the virtual version of BGCDT. At VCamp, Club members can participate in fun programs and meaningful activities, and keep in touch with their leaders and friends, without leaving their homes. We want to continue to create Bright Futures in our virtual environment using YouTube, MyFuture.Net, Code.org, and other online resources. 

Why VCamp? 

Club members will be able to participate each day and be able to engage with their Club Directors and staff with fun activities and programs to keep brains learning, bodies active, and having fun. 

Coding, Digital Literacy, DIY STEM, and Healthy Habits are just some of the programs we are running virtually.

Club members not only learn excellent skills, but can also earn prizes based on how many activities they accomplish, and how many badges they earn in the My.Future program.

Please click the button below to continue to the consent form so that your child may participate in VCamp.

Welcome to VClub!

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