Impact Center Programs

We are excited to share with you the programs we run here at the Impact Center. 

Programs in our Game Lab

(Sponsored by K40)

Video Games and Virtual Reality

The Game Lab includes a great spot for members to engage in video game tournaments, virtual reality learning, and more!

Safe Driving Program

The UPS Road Code Safe Driving program provides members with a program designed for learning about safe driving. 

Programs in our Culinary Lab

(Sponsored by Middleby)

Culinary Program

The Culinary program provides members with the skills they need in order to prepare a meal while learning about nutrition.

Programs in our Ca

(Sponsored by Seigle’s)

Impact Crew

The Impact Crew provides Workforce Development opportunities, training, hands-on work experiences, resume writing, and job readiness. 

Career Readiness

This program coincides with the Impact Crew program. The Career Readiness program helps members develop long-term career plans and how to achieve success. 

Impact Voice – This program provides members the opportunity for our youth to add value and become known as a force for good in our communities. 

Impact ShackThe Impact Center’s shop, which sells snacks and swag, and is member ran. 

Programs in our Create Lab

(Sponsored by Stanley Machining)

Impact Design

Members use a cameo and heat press machine in order to create their own t-shirts, stickers, and fun crafts.

Other programs include:

Digital Photography – learning how to use a professional camera and edit photos

Drawing & Painting -creating canvas acrylic painting

Sculpting & Jewelry Making

Sewing – Fashion Design and learning sewing skills

Programs in our Tech Lab

(Sponsored by Revcor)

Impact Tech

Coding and electronics is the future and in this program, members learn both coding and understanding how different electronic components work. Members are currently learning about Arduino chip-based circuits. 



The National Boys & Girls Club My.Future program provides program activities in DIY STEM, Leadership & Arts, Digital Literacy, and Media Making.  This program is sponsored by Comcast.

GoIT App Development

GoIT is a computer science and app design workshop that provides members with goals to accomplish in helping their community. Members learn the basics of computer science, the purpose of an app, UI, and some coding along with understanding their target market all while creating a prototype mobile app.  This program is sponsored by TATA Consultancy Services.

UPS Road Code – A program designed around teaching teens about safe driving habits that includes a fun driving simulator. This program is sponsored by UPS. 

Programs in our Build Lab

(Sponsored by LoPresti & Clark)

Impact Cyclerly

Not every teen has a car or even a bike to get around. The Impact Cyclerly gives our members the hands-on skills to fix and repair used and non-working bicycles that can be used once again. By the end of the program, each member is provided with a bicycle that they have repaired and restored that they can keep! 

Impact Flip

Members have the unique opportunity to restore and renew old and used furniture.

Autonomous Vehicle

Members have the opportunity to learn about Robotics and get hands-on experience with programming and building a self-driving car that can be programmed to do different tasks. See the Impact Tech program for more of a prerequisite for members to participate in before the Autonomous Vehicle.

HydroponicsOur members get to participate in this process by using some of our hydroponic equipment, which involves growing plants without soil. Plants that are grown are used in our Culinary program. 

Programs in our Sound Lab

Music Producing

IDM and Audio Production

Video Content Creating – YouTube Videos and the editing process

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