Recently ten members from our Teen Center went to the local Culver’s to gain skills in working for a restaurant. They were greeted by Serena who owns the location, and Kevin who is their training manager.
They started off by being trained on how to perform good customer service. This included greetings, asking how they can be of service, and their farewell.
The members then learned about food safety. They were taught about making sure the food was cooked properly as well as making sure they had good hygiene while cooking. Once they finished they got to make different items from the menu and learn more about what the restaurant sells. After that they helped clean tables, booths, and windows as well as cleaning up after the customers.
The kids were rewarded for all their hard work with frozen custard. The day was a success and it was an excellent opportunity for them to get more experience in the workforce. Thank you Culver’s for hosting our teens and teaching them new skills to succeed.


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