The BGCDT held their 6th annual Gatorade Track And Field event. It was a successful day that was sponsored by Pepsico. Pepsico also provided us with volunteers and even some yummy snacks like Gatorade and granola bars!

In order to decide who would compete in this event, each club site held their own trials. The winner of those trials had the honor and opportunity to represent their home site. The track event has 7 competitions in which over 200 members competed in. The events are 50 meter to 400 meter dashes, softball throw, relay race, and the long jump. Each member who participated received a t-shirt, but the top three winners in each event had the chance to stand on the podium and receive a medal!


To see pictures from the event click here! (lots of pictures will be uploaded soon)

Coming Soon a video featuring Pepisco and event coverage!

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