The Computer Science and Basics program gave our Teen Center members the opportunity to gain news skills and more knowledge about computers. They learned some of the more basic things such as cleaning and maintaining a computer so that it continues to work properly and last longer. They also learned a little computer history like what one of the first personal computer was like, which was Altair 8800, and what it was mainly used for.

Another skill that the members gained was understanding what microprocessors are, the types of processors, as well as different operating systems.They even got to learn about CPU, RAM, GUI, GPU, and different types of hard drives. This played into a little bit about the memory usage of video games. The members really enjoyed that part! Some of the more advance knowledge and hands on experience they gained was learning how to read binary and hexadecimal.
Overall the program was a success. Technology is such a huge industry as well as a major factor in everyday life. This program has given these members a solid foundation should these members choose to pursue a career in computers and technology. We look forward to seeing this program grow and what new and exciting things that technology has in store for us.

Check out some technology photos here!

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