The thought of college can be very overwhelming for many high school students. Most don’t even know where to begin when it comes to deciding in what they want to study and which school they would like to study at. Some kids do not have the proper guidance in making these big decisions. That is where the BGCDT Teen Center comes in. They will be providing college tours and guidance for members who are serious about attending college. These tours will also help those who are in need of exposure to the idea of attending college. College tours can also help inform members about different scholarships, grants, and other opportunities that they may not have otherwise known about.

Recently the Teen Center has had the opportunity to take part in college tours. Their most recent tour was of NIU. A graduate assistant lead our members on the tour. They started their tour by seeing different dorms and classrooms. They were able to see how a college campus is laid out and what classrooms look like. Next they met with admissions. They were explained how to apply for colleges and what the process entails. This was followed by an undergraduate student panel. The members were able to ask some of the college students any questions that they may have had and receive answers and insight of college life. The day wrapped up with lunch and a bus ride back home.

The Teen Center will continue their college tours with schools such as ECC, Judson, and more. We aim to provide as many opportunities for our members to succeed and have a bright future. We look forward to future tours and the opportunities that are presented to our members.

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