Ikea had chosen the Teen Center to donate $9,000 worth furniture and materials. 16 Workers as well as the Manager Carolyn Nuzzo-Loyalty and Communications and Events Specialist Jessica Altman all pitched in to help. They chose to donate to the BGCDT because they believe and share the same values in helping those in need.
The students walked in on their first day of the school year to a newly furnished Teen Center and could not have been happier. New tables, couches, chairs and many more items were supplied. It was a great way for our teens to kick off the new school year. They now have furniture that is in much better condition and more tables and chairs to use when they need to study and do their homework as well as a better space for arts and crafts.
The BGCDT Teen Center would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Ikea. It meant the world to them and are now enjoying their newly furnished space.

Be sure to watch our newly furnished Teen Center reveal here!


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