Detective Chris Bognetti of the Carpentersville Police Department recently stopped by our Teen Center to visit and speak with our members in the Street Smarts Program. Our staff, Kevin and Jesus, led the group. Street Smarts meets weekly to talk about everyday things going on in life. The boys were in for a treat when Detective Chris stopped by. Chris spoke with them about his day to day job as a detective and spoke about careers how he decided to become a detective. “I always wanted to help people” and “be there to make a difference,” said Chris.

The group’s big discussion turned to drugs and laws. Members learned about the consequences of drug use along with legal action, gun laws, learning about how long a record stays on an individual for an offense or crime along with short term and long-term effects. Members learned a lot on how the Police Department takes action and keeps people and their community safe as sometimes the police are given a negative impression rather than a department that keeps our community safe from harm and drugs.

Overall our members learned a lot and asked a lot of questions that they never knew. Members learned a lot and enjoyed learning about the law. Thank you, Chris Bognetti, for taking time out of your day and meeting with our teens.

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