9/11 started out as any other normal day for America. It was a sunny day most of the country and the weather was beautiful. Parents sent their children off to school as they rushed to get to work on time. Kids prepared last minute for their tests or rushed to finish the homework they forgot about from the day before. The coffee shops were packed trying to serve people their fuel for the day and everyone continued with their mornings. It was a simple and ordinary day in America. However, no one knew that around 8:45 am the world would change.

Steve Ploder is from New York and currently lives in Barrington. He is a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley. On 9/11 the day started like any other for Steve. He describes the day as being beautiful with a brisk fall breeze. After running around getting his coffee and preparing for the day he began to make his way up to the World Financial Center from the basement of the World Trade Center. Suddenly he heard a boom like no other. He looked up through the glass tunnel and saw a hole in the World Trade Center. He didn’t know it was a plane, but he instantly left the building. He watched from outside to see what was happening.

Later, an officer told him and his fellow workers that it was time for all of them to leave, because the building was going to collapse. Steve then goes on to tell our teen members that he turned around and said, “I remember looking back and everyone is pointing up, and this is like burned in my memory, that’s when you see the whole World Trade Center collapse.”

Steve shared his experience with our teen members. After speaking about his experience, the members were able to ask questions.  Almost none of our members in the BGCDT were born when 9/11 happened. However, they hear about it through our generation when we share our experience of that fateful day. If we weren’t in New York we still know where we were when it happened. We would like to sincerely thank Steve for taking the time out of his day to share his experience of 9/11. Please take some time to watch this video and hear his entire story.

To watch his entire story and more click HERE.

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