Erika Kwasny
Area Director for Meadowdale and Sunny Hill Sites
Short Bio:  I have been a lifelong resident of the Carpentersville/Dundee area.  I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BA in Elementary Education and National Louis with a MA in Curriculum and Instruction-ESL.   I have a wonderful supportive husband Josh, and one year old son, Walker. In my free time I enjoy drinking tea, reading and cooking.
What is your favorite thing about working with BGCDT?  As an Area Director my job is unique in the fact that my day is split between two club sites.  I spend a portion of my day with the administrative team and then split the rest of my day between my two teams and the club members.  I love the members because they make everyday unique and challenging, no two days are ever the same.
What is your favorite memory or moment with the Club over the years?  One of my favorite memories of club was our “Pie the Staff” event. Members were able to choose a staff to pie in the face. Everyone was cheering and the staff member handled it like a champ.  I have also been at the head of two grand openings of brand new club sites and have been able to experience the excitement and energy from members, staff and community.
How did you get started with BGCDT?  My journey with  Boys & Girls Club  started  as a program staff the Summer of 2010.  I was hired on to be the Unit Director at Golfview Elementary the Fall of 2010.  I spent three years at Golfview and then opened the Meadowdale Elementary site Fall, 2013 and Sunny Hill site Fall, 2014. I’m very proud to say that I work with BGCDT because I get to see and experience the impact that our program has on our members every day.
 If you had to pick one program, activity or event that you enjoy the most at Club, what would it be?  This past spring the Meadowdale Smart Girls and Smart Moves members volunteered at Feed My Starving Children. The members really had fun packing the seed bags, and as soon as the event was over they asked when we could do it again. I really enjoyed seeing the members work together as a team and enjoy the tasks at hand.
What is your guilty pleasure?  One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality TV; Real Housewives or Keeping up with the Kardashians.
What is your favorite TV show and favorite movie?  My favorite TV show is Modern Family  /  Favorite movies: Dirty Dancing and Sound of Music
Who has had the most influence on your work career?  My parents have been very supportive of my career. They taught me to pursue my passion with hard work and dedication. A former employer once said to me “work smarter, not harder”; that phrase has stuck with me as a reminder to always look to enrich and improve.
What is number one on your bucket list?  To Travel the World!  I have been fortunate to travel to several places around the world and I hope to continue that in the future. I feel that travel, whether it is domestic or international has opened my eyes to so many experiences that have shaped me to be the person that I am today.

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