Coral Colin
Lakewood Unit Director
Short Bio:  I’ve been working with the organization for about 7 years.  I am a single mother of a three year old, named Ty.  I enjoy spending time with him as much as possible.  I am very family oriented and am always in their presence.  One of my favorite things to do would be to go camping and eat camp fire foods.  My son and I are big fans of Curious George and collect everything Curious George.
What is your favorite thing about working with BGCDT?  I would have to say that the one thing that I enjoy most about working with the kids is growing up with them. Being able to move from site to site and having the chance to see how the members have grown and stayed with the club.
What is your favorite memory or moment with the Club over the years?  I would have to say that one of my most favorite memories was being able to lead a dance group to perform in front of our board.
How did you get started with BGCDT?  I was a member the club at our Teen Center.  I then started as a Junior staff and I have grown from there.
If you had to pick one program, activity or event that you enjoy the most at Club, what would it be?  I would have to say that my favorite program would be the Smart Girls program from a few years ago.  My fourth grade girls enjoyed the program, we called ourselves Brilliant Beauties. Having the girls come and tell me that they still have and write in the journals that they got years ago, just shows me how much of a difference I made.
What is your guilty pleasure?  Sweets, especially Chocolate
What is your favorite TV show and favorite movie?  Sam I Am
Who has had the most influence on your work career?  The members have made the biggest influence on my career.  Being able to grow with them and guiding them with different aspects in their lives.  This past year, I saw a member who was a 4th grader when I first started cross the high school graduation stage.  I knew that this was the place for me.
What is number one on your bucket list?  I want to take my son to Mexico.

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