Arely Gamez
Unit Director: Sunny Hill Elementary
Short Bio:  I am very family oriented. I am currently going to school for criminal justice. I love whales and I love being weird when I don’t have to be serious.
What is your favorite thing about working with BGCDT?:  My favorite thing about working with BGCDT is being able to make an impact with the kids no matter how big or small.
What is your favorite memory or moment with the Club over the years?:  My favorite moment was during my first year working at BGCDT when I received a Christmas card from one of the younger members which was a surprise to me because I worked more with the older kids. It was one of the greatest moments because I saw how much of an impact a staff can have even if they only work with kids for a small amount of time.
How did you get started with BGCDT?: I was working at McDonalds, and I had the opportunity to interview for a position as a part-time Youth Development professional at Meadowdale Elementary school.
If you had to pick one program, activity or event that you enjoy the most at Club, what would it be?:  The program that enjoy the most is “Image Makers”, our Club photography program.
What is your guilty pleasure?:  My guilty pleasure is sweet and sour candy.
What is your favorite TV show and favorite movie?: My favorite TV show is “Once Upon a Time” and my favorite movie is “Me Before You”.
Who has had the most influence on your work career?:  My brother Eric, who has been a member of Boys & Club since 2010. He is the most influential person when it comes to my career because I want him to see my work ethic, and understand that through hard work you can achieve .
What is number one on your bucket list?:  The number one thing on my bucket list is to live an extraordinary life.

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