Justin is at it again! He collected around 70 gently used bikes to donate to Club members and kids in the Carpentersville community through BGCDT. Patrick stated, “I’m very excited that I got a new bike. I used to have a bike, but it broke, and now I get a new one!” When asked, a few club members stated the first place they are riding to they replied, “I’m riding my bike to the park.” Alexis stated, “I couldn’t afford a bike and am so happy to be able to get one now.” Justin expressed that he is thrilled that so many kids were able to receive bikes and hopes to continue doing this in the future.

This event was such a huge hit last year. This year NBC and Telemundo didn’t want to miss out, so they stopped by as well. The bikes went fast due to this being a first come first serve event. BGCDT is currently looking into getting more bikes donated for those in need. If you would like to donate a gently used bike or helmets, please contact (847)551-4309. Thank you, Justin, for all your hard work and dedication to making our community a better place!

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