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Renata Nowak, Parent Testimonial

“I remember the first time I heard of the Boys and Girls Club. James was in first grade, and he came home and told me that he wanted to go to Club. On his first day at 5 pm, I was there, and he ran up to me, telling me he wanted to stay until the end. That was the first day of many great things to come from the Club. Mike Sein, Club Staff, who not only helped him develop as a kind and outgoing person, but also helped when James’s father passed away. They were really a rock for James. So for him to have all those friends and staff help and support him is just incredible. James has learned so much from Club. The Stop action, claymation, robotics, and how to interact with others has helped him as an only child. It is just a great place, and I am so glad he came home with that piece of paper saying he wanted to go to Club. Boys & Girls Clubs is awesome!”

-Renata “Renee” Nowak, Parent of James Monroe (2021 BGCDT Youth of the Year Winner)

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