Recently members from various sites received the bikes that Justin Lorenz collected and donated to the BGCDT. The members were very excited and incredibly grateful for the bikes. Justin decided to collect and donate gently used bikes when he saw how many kids in his community did not have access to bikes. He then started Pedal Empowerment. Pedal Empowerment was created to provide at risk youth with bikes so that they have their own transportation. Main Street Bicycles and Sammy’s Bikes became bike drop-off locations for gently used bikes for Justin to pick up.

Having a bike can have many benefits such as mental, physical, and social development. We all know that having a bike can really help our physical health. It is an excellent way to get our cardio workout. It is also a great way to develop the muscles in our legs. Not many people realize that there are mental benefits as well. When you bike you are exercising. Being fit helps us to fight depression and decrease anxiety. Biking can turn into a great social experience as well. There are many clubs to join and races to compete in which leads to a lot of social opportunities.

For a kid, having a bike can also mean gaining a whole new sense of independence as well as confidence. Shahid from the Teen Center said, “Now I can ride around on a bike instead of walking everywhere!” Sirrohn, another student was very excited and when asked how he felt about receiving the bikes he said, “I feel very thankful.” We asked another student if something like this made him want to help others in his community he said, “Yes I would like to help other people who also cannot afford things.”

We would like to thank Justin for all his hard work and dedication to helping our members and having an impact in their lives.

Check out some of the donation pictures here!

Check out Justin’s website and learn more about his mission here!

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