It is never too early to start learning about finances, especially in an age where spending more and more money is a part of life. So why not help our kids learn how to manage their money? Sure they don’t have jobs, but something as simple as doing a few chores and earning some money can make a big difference in their understanding of finances. That is where Money Smarts comes in. The Money Smarts program is currently running at our Sunny Hill Club site and is sponsored by Barrington Bank & Trust Co. Christine and Georgann are running this program amazing program.

The program started back in the fall with Sunny Hill’s 5th-grade members and is now continuing with their 4th-grade members. Members in the program receive a workbook to keep the program interactive.

Members are learning about the importance of money management and spending through various lessons in the workbook and interactive activities. They are learning how to save money when they open a bank account. Doing this at an early age can help children get in the habit of saving as well as learn the value of money. This program goes in depth about these accounts as well as building credit once they come of age. They also learn about debt and paying interest. The members also get to know a little bit about investing in stocks and why it may benefit them depending on their lifestyle and needs/interests.

Money Smarts is no ordinary program. We at BGCDT would like to thank Christine and Barrington Bank & Trust Co. for all their hard work in putting this program together for our members so that they may have a bright financial future.

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