A big congratulations to Qudus Ademonkunla for winning Meadowdale Elementary’s Junior Youth Of The Year! He has been a valued member for five years now. This is the very first year that BGCDT has done the Junior Youth Of The Year. Each candidate had to submit a portfolio containing a photo, a nomination form, questions about themselves, and supporting materials such as a staff recommendation letter. The candidates also had the options to submit artwork, school projects, or even creative writing pieces.

Qudus has been a member of BGCDT for five years. When he first started at club he really didn’t know what to expect. However, after meeting the staff and seeing just how much they cared he felt comfortable and knew it was the right place for him.

He has many talents. He loves to sing and dance. He also plays the violin and really enjoys sports. Qudus also works well under pressure and tries to have a positive attitude even when times are bad.

One thing that really stands out about Qudus is his leadership skills! He believes that by setting goals and taking action, he can make the community a better place. One of his most joyful moments was becoming a junior leader. To him it meant that he could start to do even more for the club. When he grows up he even wants to be a lawyer. Why you ask? Well this kid wants to fight for justice and is ready for whatever challenge lies ahead.

I believe we can all learn from this impressive young man and his outlook on change. He learned to overcome change by accepting that it will always be a part of life. Wow!

Congratulations Qudus! The BGCDT looks forward to what the future has in store for you! And thank you to all who helped make the Junior Youth Of The Year possible. We couldn’t have done it without you. And a final thank you to all the members who participated! You are what makes this club a better place!

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