Our staff Monica has been running the exciting Martial Arts program at the Dundee Highlands (Parkview) site this summer. The members are training with many different types of equipment. They use punching bags, foam nunchucks, and bow and arrow training. The members are learning how to punch correctly such as making sure your fists are kept closed and tight. When using their nunchucks, the members learn how to use their wrists. They are also learning how to kick properly using certain techniques.

One of the most important things they are learning is respect by bowing. When the teacher walks in or if you spar (fight practice) with someone it is a tradition in martial arts to bow. This is a sign of respect. This lesson can also carry out into their daily lives. The members show a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for this program. Martial Arts is an exciting sport and we are so glad our members are getting the opportunity to learn it!


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