Making an Impact Through Lawn Care: Impact Crew

Initiated in the summer of 2020, the Impact Crew of BGCDT serves a multi-purpose mission. Beyond offering gainful employment and teaching employable skills to our Impact Center high school members, this program instills a sense of responsibility and community service among its members.

The Impact Crew’s Role: The Impact Crew, a lawn service program run by BGCDT, employs 10-15 club kids from April to October each year. Equipped with professional-grade tools, including two zero-turn mowers, these dedicated crew members go above and beyond to deliver exceptional lawn care services. In addition to mowing, trimming, and cleaning up lawns, they also assist with spring clean-up, weed control, and various home projects for homeowners.

Empowering the Youth: Apart from the valuable services they provide, the Impact Crew plays a crucial role in empowering local youth. By engaging them in meaningful employment, the program imparts essential employable skills and educates them on the responsibilities associated with having a job. This hands-on experience equips the crew members with practical knowledge and work ethics that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

Shifting Focus to Complimentary Services: While in previous years, the Impact Crew charged a fee for their services, this year they have taken a compassionate approach. Recognizing the needs of senior citizens and others in the community who struggle to keep up with their yard work, the crew has decided to provide complimentary lawn care services. This shift in focus reflects their dedication to making a positive impact and helping those who need it the most.

The Impact Crew exemplifies the true spirit of community service. Through their lawn care program, they not only provide exceptional services but also shape the lives of local high school kids, teaching them valuable skills and instilling a sense of responsibility. Their decision to offer complimentary services to those in need demonstrates their commitment to making a difference in their community. The Impact Crew sets a remarkable example of how small acts of kindness can create a significant impact.

Check out some before and after lawn photos below.

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