Steve Grissette a.k.a. Mac180 visited our Teen Center members. He spoke about his life growing up in Indian Trail in Aurora and how he got into the music industry. He hoped to inspire members during his visit. He explained how to write songs by using what you are interested in and using storytelling methods. “When writing lyrics make sure your music includes a story.” He encouraged the members to also learn about other types of music and listen to them as well. “If you listen to only one type, your music will get old.” He gave examples of other types by playing them and had members guess what they were.

Steve encouraged our members to stay focus on their lives and what they want to do. Members were encouraged to build relationships in their lives that were healthy and let go of the people who are unhealthy for them. He wrapped up his talk by sharing his new song “More By Far” which was written with Club in mind. The members were the first to hear this song before anyone else! Thank you, Mac180 for taking time out of your schedule to speak with our members. They learned a lot and were inspired to follow their dreams!

Images from the visit can be found here.



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