Lowe’s on Randall Rd. recently visited BGCDT for their annual Lowe’s Heroes Volunteer Program. Every year Lowe’s volunteers and collaborates to build homes, schools, repair damaged buildings, or donating materials. This year Lowe’s chose us to donate their time and materials.

Lowe’s came by to asses our needs. They then donated materials like storage containers, microwaves, fridges, tables, and storage racks. Our CMS members were able to help the Lowe’s volunteers build the much needed storage racks. Through this experience, the members were able to be taught team building skills as well as skills that will help them become better leaders.
We would like to thank Lowe’s for the honor of being chosen by them for their Lowe’s Heroes program. Thank you for not only donating your time and materials, but also taking the time to encourage and teach new skills to our CMS members.

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