Have you ever heard of the show Chopped? If so your in for a real treat! Our Golfview site is the first to try out a new program called “Little Chopped.” Not quite a show, but it definitely is a very fun program for our club members. This program was ran by Aramark, a food service that provides our club members snacks and dinner throughout the year. Linett and Autumn, both of who are Aramark employees, came up with the idea and executed this program at our Golfview site recently.

Here’s a little run down of this program. 5 groups of 3 members are assigned a table and 1 member from the table is to get as many ingredients within the allowed time for the dish they plan to prepare. After all the ingredients are gathered all members participate in helping to create a dish. Some of the ingredients that were available for participants to use were fruits, coconut, raisens, cereal, spices, toppings and pudding. The groups have 20 minutes to create something tasty. The members then bring the dish to judges. The judging is based on taste, presentation if the groups used all their ingredients, and if they finished within the time frame. The judging panel consisted of two club kids and one staff member. Judges then sample and review each dish brought to them by the groups. The winning team created a fruit salad and pudding smoothie. Winners, Ashley, Isaac, and Eduardo, will have their dish featured as a snack throughout the school year at this site.

Kids had lots of fun making snacks and the judges had fun trying all the tasty snacks. The audience-non participants members even had a chance to try out the snacks that were created as well. The program was a big success!


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Interested in watching the Little Chopped video? Click here!

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