Author Joe Brown visited our Lakewood site Friday March 9th for a read aloud with our Lakewood kids. He is the author of Come On, Get On. The story is about a young boy who imagines a bald eagle swooping him away on an adventure to a land that only your imagination can take you. Part of his presentation not only included a read aloud of Come On, Get On, but also paintings used in the illustrations. Joe’s books encourage children to use their imagination to create their own adventures.

Joe is the author of nine books (One being split into four parts) and is from the Chicagoland area. He was a lawyer for 50 years.

After the initial reading Joe had the kids close their eyes as he told a story. The kids pictured what the story would look like to them in their own way. Afterwards the kids received advice such as using Mad libs as a demonstration to get creative, why English class is so important, and how to write a good paper.  Joe donated a copy of Come On, Get On to each student that attended his reading on Friday. Boys and Girls Club also received a copy of the book as well as four of his other books.

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