Kelly Love, head basketball coach at McHenry County College, paid our Teen Center members a visit. He is also the son of former NBA Chicago Bulls player Bob Love. The purpose of his visit was to talk a little about what it takes to make it in the NBA and give the members motivation.

Kelly started off by explaining to our members just how important their grades are. If they expect to get a scholarship for a sport, their grades still matter. It is important for them to start thinking about their future now if they plan on attending college. “Start thinking about the future now because tomorrow is too late.”

To be successful, the members will need to start setting their goals now. The members who desire to play professional basketball will really need to start thinking about how to achieve this now because they will be competing with thousands of others to achieve their dream. She encouraged a backup plan as well and told them how confidence can make all the difference.

Kelly wrapped up her discussion by getting to know our members. He allowed for questions and even asked them a few questions as well. Our members learned a lot and were encouraged by Kelly to achieve their dreams. Thank you, Kelly Love, for stopping by to speak to our members!

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