K40 has been a long time supporter of the BGCDT. They are a company that makes radar detectors. Lynette Tomlinson, who is in charge of their social media and marketing, asked some of our members to come and speak to them about how club has impacted their lives and what they do through a discussion panel.

Two youth of the year participants attended and spoke about the process of what they have to go through to compete and how it has influenced their lives. Other members spoke about the Work Force Development Program which helps prepare them for their future. This includes job training, interview prep, and looking at future careers. Michael, another Teen Center member explained how he participates and enjoys all the technology options that club has to offer. These include game design, videos and tutorials, 3D printing and modeling, 3D tutorials, and making videos and interviewing people in his community. 

Thank you K40 for the invitation as well as your long time support. We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for us through your support.

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