Last night the Golfview site had their first ever IncrEdibles Graduation Night. IncrEdibles is a program that our staff, Kayla Caldwell, created this school year. The purpose of the program is to get our members comfortable and help them feel independent in the kitchen while at the same time maintaining a safe environment. This year the members have created their own recipe books, done restaurant menus, and learned about nutrition.

The program was 8 weeks long and both 4th and 5th grade participated in it. Last night the members were able to make little samples of each of the foods they have made to have the parents try, as well as receive a diploma for their completion of the program. The turnout was amazing!  Having all the parents from 4th and 5th grade be there showed how supportive they really are.

Kayla and Becky would like to thank everyone who showed up to show their support, from parents who never miss an event to board members like Barbara Ferguson and Tom Mammoser, thank you all for coming!

The IncrEdibles Graduation Night took place at 5pm on Wednesday 4/25/18.


Click here to see pictures from the night.

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