Mmm who doesn’t like Guacamole made from scratch?! Or how about freshly made salsa? Now throw in some tacos and you have yourself the perfect meal to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! That is just what took place at the Teen Center. We incorporated fresh cooking for Cinco De Mayo into our healthy habits program. We would like to thank Vince for preparing the tacos and another special thanks to our very own Claritza who made fresh salsa. Our members, Jaquan, Jala, and Destiny made the guacamole and boy did it taste great!

Cinco De Mayo is more than just real good Mexican food. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated due to the victory that the Mexican Army achieved over the French Empire. This victory was at the Battle of Puebla and took place in 1862 (Wikipedia.org).

We look forward to seeing what else the Healthy Habits program has in store for the Teen Center!

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