A very special thank you to Mark and Ernie for coming out and speaking to our members at the Teen Center! This was an excellent opportunity for our members to hear from two of our esteemed board members on ways to become successful in their future. Both men had touched on how they started out and the steps they took to get to where they are today.

Mark had shared with the kids on how he had left a comfortable paying job to take a big chance and start his own insurance business. And ended his discussion with asking the kids a few questions and handing out prizes. Ernie had shared how he had to make choices in friendships and how life is like a baseball game. There are nine innings and the kids are probably only in the third. They have a long way ahead of them and they have the power to make the necessary choices to succeed. One of the other things he had shared that we can all use in life was FIB. Fire In the Belly. Have the drive and passion.

The kids had a great time and learned a lot from these two wonderful board members.

Thank you Mark and Ernie for an excellent afternoon!!

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