Let’s face it; we have all felt stress in our daily lives. But what is stress and how do we manage it? That’s what the members at the Teen Center learned on Monday. Shira Greenfield of Centegra Hospital came and spoke to our teens about stress.

The session started with talking about what exactly stress is and what it can do to your body. One of the examples they used was how it can cause tension in your muscles. Ever feel like your shoulders are tight? That can be a sign of stress. Another example that was used was how stress can affect you psychologically. When you are overwhelmed or incredibly stress your perception of a situation can change. You might even feel threatened or make mistakes.

The kids were able to discuss different ways on how to manage the stress they may have in their own lives. They ended up doing an activity in a booklet called Pocket Full of Comforts. This booklet really focused on things that anyone can do at anytime to relieve their stress. One method that was discussed was surrounding yourself with comforting object such as photographs, wearing clothes that make you feel good or holding pillows. It also encouraged surrounding yourself with comforting people or thinking positive thoughts about yourself. The booklet was also filled with positive quotes. One of the quotes is by Mary Sarton which says, “We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

The session was successful and the Teens definitely learned a lot. Thank you Centegra! We really appreciate you coming in and teaching us life skills about stress and how to live a more mentally healthy lifestyle.

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