One of the most joyous days of being a Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township Club member is receiving your “Gold Card”.  The magical number for this achievement is attending Club for 104 days, which is double the amount of days (52 days) that serves as the benchmark for attendance within Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The “Gold Card” Program was first implemented by BGCDT in 2009, as we brainstormed together to craft a new way to focus on average daily attendance (ADA) by driving an incentive program that could focus on higher levels of overall Club attendance.  The program begins with Club members receiving a traditional Blue ID membership card, then quickly advancing to a Silver ID membership card at the 52 day mark and ultimately landing the highest achievement and status, with the presentation of a Gold ID card at the 104 day mark of Club attendance.  Each distinction and milestone (Silver and Gold) allows Club members rewards and small incentives for field trips, prizes and acknowledgement.  In 2014, our Club had nearly 70% of our Club members hit the 52 day mark, which is 20% more than the national average for BGCA!

Gold Card members (as our Golfview members in the photo) are treated to pizza, prizes and raffles for their accomplishment of not only attending Club, but also making a solid commitment to school attendance and extra-curricular activities, along with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township

Congratulations to our “Gold Card” Club members on a job well done!

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