If you step foot into our Teen Center, you will see tech lab and sound studio filled to the brim with teens! Our technology programming has been a big addition to our Teen Center programming, and the amount of participation from our teens can prove it. Our teen members have been learning about 3D printing, animation, creating short videos and podcasts, recording music and music videos, photoshop and social media marketing, and more! These technology programs are led by Mike Sein, our Technology Program Staff at the Teen Center. He has brought his expertise in multiple areas, and is able to break it down so that our teens are learning many new skills. One of our teens, Olivia, has been working on pairing podcasts and animation. Olivia said, “I like learning new things that are going to help me in the future with my career (in animation).” Several of our teens have found that technology is where they now see themselves shine. One of these students is James, who says, “Everything I’m doing is fun and educational. When I record, I feel like I’m at my best.” The tech lab and the sound studio have rounded out our programming at the Teen Center, and we’re able to empower many more teens with our new programs and equipment.

We have also started our Event Team, a group of our students who will cover BGCDT and community events with photography and videography. Our first event was to cover the Adult Activities Center Art Show at the Park District. Our Event Team took pictures of the senior next to their artwork, and asked them questions about their pieces. After reviewing and editing the pictures, the teens will be able to send them back to the seniors for them to keep! Next up is taking pictures for our Board Blitz and BGCDT Annual Gala. Needless to say, our teens really enjoy the technology programs that we have started offering at the Teen Center and they are excited to continue learning more as we continue to add more programs!

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