The technology field is growing at a fast rate. Now is the time to jump in and get in on the action. Linda and Alex Jakopin visited the Teen Center to speak to our members about robotics and engineering.  Linda is involved in cyber security for radio communication products at Motorola Solutions. She spoke with the members about her role and what it entails.

She discussed security and how she figures out ways to make sure outside influences that can harm their systems do not make their way in. If this happens, company information can be stolen. She explained how she looks into software and who designed it in order to bring in the best software for the company. When asked about her day to day work, Linda explained to the members about her role in customer service and the importance in their feedback.

Being a woman in the workforce isn’t always easy. It can be especially challenging for women who work in a male dominated field. She stated how she had to learn to compromise and work together side by side with others.

Starting in the engineering and tech field can be a challenge as well. Linda was kind enough to give our members a few tips on how to educate themselves in their interests so they can really shine in what they want to do. She recommended online classes and for those who want in on the ever-growing tech field, she recommended learning different software, and learning programming languages as soon as possible.

Alex is Linda’s son, and took over with his talk on robotics. Alex is involved in the Robotic program at the District 220 High School. He competes on a team. Not only does he learn about the coding aspects of robotics, but he talked about the engineering side of it as well.

Being on a robotics team requires you to not only be knowledgeable of robotics, but also willing to continue to learn more. Khan academy is an excellent resource for software skills and as well as learning the Raspberry Pie, which is a small programmable computer. Another resource that is recommended is having people around you who encourage you and want to help out.  “Teamwork and communication is key.”

So if think you have what it takes to be part of the tech field, just remember there are many online resources. Don’t be afraid to meet new people who can help you achieve your goal. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to learn more! Thank you, Linda and Alex, for coming in and speaking to our members about your passion!


If you or someone you know is interested in being a guest speaker at Club, please contact us today!

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