The Electronics technology program is currently being taught at the Teen Center. The members are learning electronic components such as resistors, light sensors, transistors, capacitors and more. They are also learning how electronic components work and function. Another important part of this program is learning programming using Microbit devices and learning how to code in Javascript. So far, the members have created: Electronic dice, traffic light system, scrolling/ running grid with names, light sensor board, and a Flappy Bird game. They will soon be creating a step counter, a temp reader be printing 3D cases they create for these Microbit projects.

Exposing kids of all ages to technology is essential these days. Even if a child has no intention in pursuing a technology type of career, it is still important. Being exposed allows them to adapt to the times as they get older. Technology is constantly changing and is part of our everyday lives. Our members are not only creating things, but also learning how they work, therefore gaining a deeper knowledge. The members who are involved in this program are not only preparing themselves for the future, but they will be a step ahead of their fellow students when they attend college. Keep up the hard work guys! We are excited to see the outcome of all your finished projects.


Check out some of the project images here!  Videos coming soon.

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