Short Bio: My name is Norma Sanchez, and my husband is Noe. We’ve been married for 15 years and we have 3 wonderful children Noemy who is 12 years old, Nataly who is 10, and Joshua who is 9 years old. We’ve been residents of Carpentersville for 5 years.
How did you get started with BGCDT?:  I first began my relationship with the Club in 2011 when I registered my kids for school. It was summer time and there were some kids in the Boys & Girls Club, so I asked the school what was that all about, that’s when I was informed of all the activities the kids were able to participate in. I then thought this sounds like a great opportunity for my kids, and for me as well, for this would allow me to go to work and not worry for I knew my kids were in good hands.
Please share the impact BGCDT has, or has had on your family.:  BGCDT has had, and continues to have a great impact on our family because all three of my kids have the privilege to attend Club. The Club has so many programs that help our kids develop confidence in themselves. Such programs as Leaders Rising, which instils in them to want to help others, such as senior citizens in the community, to participating in a car wash to raise funds to help people in the community. Other program I’m grateful for is the Healthy Habits program. My kids now have learned to read nutrition facts on the food labels, which allows them to make healthier choices.  I love that they are able to participate in choir “Blue Voices” for this has given them confidence to sing and speak in front of big crowds.
What is your favorite memory or moment with the Club over the years?:  My best memory with the Club was when I heard my daughter Nataly, sing a solo during choir. When Nataly was little she had difficulty speaking, and had to attend lots of speech therapy. This moment was very emotional, but yet very motivating as well. I am so proud to see her speak in public, as the President for the Leaders Rising Group (Jr Leaders).
If you had to pick one program, activity or event that your kids enjoy the most at Club, what would it be?:  It is very difficult to pick just one, because there are so many great programs, but for me I really like the Smart Moves and Smart Girls, because they enjoy it very much.
What message would you like to share with the BGCDT community?:  My message to the community is that our children are the future, and thanks to the BGCDT programs we are able to keep our youth off the streets, and build a strong foundation for them, by surrounding them with good, positive, and hard-working people who help develop them into great role models. Thank you BGCDT!

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