5 Minutes is all you have! Can you complete the Liberty Escape Room Challenge? Our Club members at Liberty had the opportunity to participate in the Escape Room Program. Club members had 5 mins and only two hints to complete the challenge. Winners were given prizes at the end IF they WON. Each week there have been different challenges and themes. Our elementary member Justin said, “Finding clues and hints were very exciting.” He also said, “It’s very fun.” Not only did club members have fun, but they learned to work together as a group and solve puzzles!

Escape Rooms have popped up everywhere and have become popular over the past few years. Many escape rooms can be found in malls. Escape rooms have themes like a murder mystery, zombie apocalypse, and more. Most are timed, so you have to use your mind under pressure. Both working together and solving puzzles are a large part of these challenges. Our very own Diana, Club Director for our Perry Elementary site, came up with this fun idea. Everyone had a blast!

Check out photos from this program HERE!

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