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The Teen Center Keystone program and Golfview members were given a scholarship to participate in Camp Oso! This is a three-week program where kids learned about the Guatemala culture and the women that produce the stuffed bears, and played games. The teen members were given the opportunity to make a small change in the upcoming bear prototype that would affect the next 257 bears that would be produced. Members planned an event to sell bears that were made. The proceeds went back to women who make bears in Guatemala. Darvana, who is the president of our Keystone, said, “I liked learning about what it takes to run a business.” Joslyn stated, “There were new opportunities to learn about business, and I liked getting involved in this great program. Yahira said, “I liked learning about how Guatemala women made their voices heard and are now telling their story through these bears.”

Keystone members did not only learn about Oso and how it supports the women in Guatemala, but they also learned key elements of running a business, marketing and strategies, advertising and what it takes to be a great leader and everything Keystone stands for.

Oso was founded by Chloe, and its main location is in Barrington. However, the bears that are made are typically made by women living in Guatemala. The money that is made goes directly back to them. Thank you, everyone, who came out to purchase a bear. It was for an excellent cause, and our members had a great time learning about business and this wonderful company. Thank you, Chloe, for hosting us and good luck with your amazing company!



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