One of our Program Specialists (Brandon Lee) was made aware of some bullying that had taken place during school towards one of our Club members (Sebastian).  
Sebastian cut his hair recently and was teased for this new look.  Brandon spoke to Sebastian after Club on Tuesday night and then decided to go home and do something that makes me incredibly proud that he is on our staff…he went home and shaved his head to support Sebastian.
The next day at Club, Brandon walked over to Sebastian and our Club Director captured it on camera. During Club on Wednesday, Brandon and Sebastian would see each other in the halls, or passing by, and Sebastian had a big smile and gave Brandon a “thumbs up”.
Awesome story about the impact that we all can have, through even the smallest of gestures, in our daily interactions.  I’m proud to know this is the caliber of people that are wearing our BGCDT logo everyday in our Club sites….nearly 70 part-time and 10 full-time!

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