BGCDT Receives Prestigious Grant: Empowering Youth Advocacy Through Think, Learn, Create Change (TLC) Program!

In February, BGCDT was selected to be one of only 20 Clubs in the country to receive Family Dollar’s corporate-funded grant to engage our high school Impact Center members in the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s initiative, Think, Learn, Create Change (TLC) advocacy program.
What is the Think, Learn, Create Change Program? BGCA has developed the Think, Learn, Create Change program, which puts youth at the center of their own advocacy experiences and supports their ongoing, active engagement as changemakers in their local communities. This program challenges youth to:
“Think” about positive change and what issues give them the spark to discover their passions.
“Learn” how to educate themselves on issues, where to locate facts from credible sources (ensuring they get a full understanding of the issue, not just one perspective), and who has the power to support their project.
“Create Change” by identifying tactics, implementing plans, determining metrics to monitor success, and driving change in local communities.
Utilizing the skills learned during TLC training, Club youth will develop and implement youth advocacy projects to address top issues impacting their communities. Additionally, through Family Dollar’s support, our team of six members will attend Summit for America’s Youth in Washington DC during July 2023. They will meet with our senators and representatives and discuss their selected project, which focuses on Sustainable Environmental Practices and Teen Mental Health.
Members of our Impact Center embarked on a 9-month program that guides them through the TLC process. Meeting weekly, this group of motivated kids will get an opportunity to showcase their passions and learn how to make the changes in the world that they wish to see. We can’t wait to see their results!

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