Reading is a vital part of growing up. It opens up our imagination and takes us to new worlds. Recently Sunny Hill, Perry, and Golfview put a new spin on reading and participated in our first ever Battle of the Books. This new monthly program consists of 6 members from each site, representing their site to read selected books given each month. The participants are 4th and 5thgraders. Each club site is provided multiple copies of each book for members to prep and read. The books are selected and generously provided by the libraries within the district.

At the end of the month, sites go head to head in who can answer questions from their reading books at the Fox River Valley Public Library in Dundee. Each question answered gives the team a point. At the end of the hour, the team with the most points win. Category books include nonfiction fiction and chapter books. These first-ever winners are David (4th grade) and Danielle (5th grade) from Sunny Hill! Great job everyone for participating and congrats to our winners! Keep on reading! 

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