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Meet Adrian Magana! He is an enthusiastic 10 year old and has been a club member since he was in 1st grade. He decided to attend club after many of his friends told him how fun it was. Adrian’s favorite staff his Ms. Marissa, because she always smiles and makes sure that all the 5th graders have a lot of fun with whatever she has planned.


Did you know Adrian is in the Color Guard program? Well he is not only a participant, but he is also the Captain!  He thinks is its an awesome program as it focuses on leadership by giving members opportunities through different challenges and exciting obstacles.


Adrian would highly recommend the Club to all school students in the Carpentersville area as he feels it is fun, exciting and everyone has a great time! He goes on to credit Club for the safety, positive impact, great programs as well as keeping him away from the wrong crowd.


Stay tuned for more upcoming outstanding members of the month!!!!

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