There are so many benefits to learning ASL (American Sign Language). ASL helps with cognitive growth, children develop more creative thinking techniques, they also develop a high vocabulary when taught at a younger age, It also leads to higher reading levels and it is also believed to raise the IQ.

Golfview has taken advantage of these benefits by starting an ASL program. Kayla is a staff at Golfview, and is the one leading the program. When asked why she started the program she said, “When I worked at my last job I met a deaf person and I obviously couldn’t communicate with them. So after that it was always something that I wanted to learn.” The program started when school did. There are currently 30 students enrolled. The latest thing that they have learned is putting their words together to have a conversation. This program will give our members great benefits. Thank you Kayla for starting it!

To check out some of our members performing sign language click here!

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