Short Bio:  I am 20 years old and a junior in college. I go to Illinois State University, Go Redbirds!, and am majoring in special education.  I enjoy short walks to the fridge and strawberry ice cream 🙂   I love reading (so if you know any good reads, please feel free to let me know) and cooking (also accepting secret family recipes to amazing meals).
When did you first get started with BGCDT?:  I think it started when I was born! Just kidding, I was in kindergarten when club became a part of my life, and has yet to finish. Been involved for quite some time.

What is your favorite memory or moment with the Club over the years?:  I feel as though this is an unfair question, how am I expected to pick one moment when there were hundreds! Since I was asked to give one, I will have to give a few. There was one point in my time as a club member (I do not remember exact time) we were able as a club to see a live production of “The Lion King”. It was amazing (afterwards we went to the Rainforest Cafe and I got dinosaur chicken nuggets!) There was another point over the summers when we were able to go to the different Museums in Chicago, to being able to see “Smuckers on Ice”!  As I got older there were times that we did car washes and flour fights (it is like a water balloon fight but with flour in tissues). To working with the kids and going swimming and doing arts and crafts. I will never be able to pick just one moment because they all mean so much.  
How has being a part of BGCDT influenced your life today?:  It has done so much.  I have been able to experience things I normally would not have. Having had those experiences when I was younger, made me want even more as I grew up. Therefore making me reach for my dreams.
Where are you currently on your life’s journey and what are your future plans?:  I am only a dip into my journey of life and have so much to do! I have a big plan for the future. I will graduate college and find a job I love. I will find an adorable house to live in and get a cute dog and cat. I will travel and enjoy life to its fullest.
Who is your favorite Super Hero and why?:  Captain America would have to be my favorite. I feel as though he does things with passion and wants to make things better. Also he has a really cool shield and attire.
What is number one on your bucket list?:  I would like to travel the world. I want to experience many cultures and see all the wonderful sites there are.  I would also like to buy a car! Who knows which one will come first. 🙂

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