Who doesn’t like the feeling of being healthy? There is nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of water or the feeling of being full after a healthy meal with the feeling of that gross pit in your stomach. So, let’s face it, not all of us like to exercise, but when we do it it feels great. On March 15th, Dr. Mike, Libby, Rachel, and Allison of Active Medical visited the members at Lakewood. They spoke to the members about healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.

To ensure that the members had fun while learning, eight stations were set up, and each kid rotated through all of them. Some f the stations included games and prizes. Other stations spoke about sugar, guessing what the food was, and making flubber. After finding out how much sugar is in something that we consume daily, it became quite the eye-opener for our members. Anakaren said, “There is a lot more sugar in drinks that I didn’t know about.”

After a fun day filled with activities and games, the kids received a goodie bag from each station and enjoyed some well-earned active time. It is important to remember to teach our kids healthy lifestyle habits so that they can have a better chance at a longer and healthier life. Remember, something as simple as a game of basketball or a walk to the park can make all the difference. Thank you Active Medical for coming out to our Lakewood site and showing our members just how fun living healthy can be.

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