The mission of the Board “Blitz” Challenge, held annually in the Fall, is to promote Board Members to visit our BGCDT Club Units, while participating in a scoring format that rewards points for each visit that a Board Member completes at a BGCDT Club Unit during a two-week time frame in October.

The Board was divided into two (2) equal teams assigned by a random draw; with Tom Roeser and Barbara Ferguson serving as Team Captains this year.  The visits were recorded and tracked over the course of the event. Each individual Board Member accumulated points (similar to the NFL scoring format) for completing Club visits.

Each team of players has worked collectively, as well as individually, to accumulate as many points as possible by visiting any of our BGCDT Unit locations during the duration of the Blitz.

  • For this year, we had A total of 8,390 minutes  spent in our Club Units (increase from 3,615 in 2015!)
  • 140 hours spent touring the Clubs from the Board (increase from 58.5 in 2015)
  • 23 Board Members visited a minimum of one (1) Club Unit (82% of Board Roster)
  • Tom Roeser, again, took home MVP honors with most guests & most donations….however
  • Janine Kerin ranked #1 with most Club visits across the Blitz!
  • The “Blitz” brought in a total of $3,550 in donations (increase from $3,250 in 2015)

Congratulations to the 2016 Board “Blitz” winners, “Team Roeser” consisting of:  Cheryl Wedell, Ernie Gamino, Jason Nowitzki, Jenny Wagner, John Hoffman, Karen Trzaska, Mark Seigle, Russ Morehead, Scott Schier, Joe Smedinghoff, Tammy Coakley, Vicki Frantz, and Wendy Farley.


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