The mission of the Board “Blitz” Challenge, held annually in the Fall, is to promote Board Members to visit our BGCDT Club Units, while participating in a scoring format that rewards points for each visit that a Board Member completes at BGCDT Club Unit during a two-week time frame in September.

The Board is divided into two (2) equal teams; one team is the “Rookies” (Board members with less than 3 years of tenure on the Board) and the “Veterans” (Board members with 3 years or more of tenure on the Board).  Each individual Board Member accumulates points (similar to the NFL scoring format) for completing Club visits and scanning into Club Units with their own unique Club ID card.

The Board “Blitz” Challenge was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Marketing & Communications Award from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America – Illinois Area Council.

Congratulations to the 2014 Board “Blitz” winners, the “Rookies” consisting of:  Mark Ainlely, Darcy Bretz, Steven Forte, Ernie Gamino, Tom Losch, Cynthia Armendariz-Maxwell, Matt Samples, Mark Seigle, Jenny Wagner, Cheryl Wedell, and Christina Yolich.

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