The mission of the Board “Blitz” Challenge, held annually during a two-week time frame in October, is to encourage Board Members to visit our BGCDT Club Units, meet with staff and club members, and witness a regular day at club.  Board Members score points through the number of visits, length of their visit, bringing guests, and if their guest makes a financial contribution during the visit.  The purpose of bringing guests to our club sites is to raise awareness of our organization and the impact it has on the families in our community.

This year the Board was split into three teams.  Each team had a former board president as a Team Captain.  The team captains were:  Tom Mammoser, Russ Morehead and Joe Smedinghoff.

The Winning team was Team Morehead consisting of: Tammy Coakley, Steve Forte, Ernie Gamino, John Hoffman, Janine Kerin, Mark Krueger, Blair Motl, Amy Wickstrom, and Michelle Charron.   The MVP board member with the most individual points was Tom Roeser on Team Mammoser.  Board members and their guests spent more than 50 hours visiting our club sites throughout the challenge.

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