The 5th Annual Board Blitz exploded with growth and excitement in 2015!  The annual event divides the Board of Directors into two (2) teams, the “Rookies” (Board Members with three (3) years, or less, of service) and the “Veterans” (Board Members with three (3) years, or more, of service).   Each team earns points based upon Board Members visiting Club Units during a two-week span, from Sept. 28 – Oct. 9.  The scoring system includes incentives and bonus points for the following:  time spent in facility, new guests, donations and Board “selfies”.

In 2014, the “Rookies” took home the coveted Traveling Trophy, along with bragging rights.  This year, however, the “Veterans” charged ahead to re-capture the title as the 2015 Board Blitz Champions.

Congratulations to the entire BGCDT Board of Directors for establishing new records for the following categories:

  • A total of 3,615 minutes were spent in our Club Units (up from 1,490 in 2014)
  • 58.5 hours of visits from the Board (up from 28 hours in 2014)
  • 23 Board Members visited a minimum of one (1) Club unit (up from 15 in 2014)
  • Tom Roeser took home MVP honors with most visits, most guests and most donations
  • A total of 145 guests toured our Clubs (132 guests w/ Veterans, 13 guests w/ Rookies)
  • The Board Blitz brought in $3,250.00 in total donations to the Club

Click Here to see our Board Members in action at our Club Units!

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