Golfview Elementary School

About Golfview

The Golfview Elementary Unit is one of the largest BGCDT Club Units, annually serving 200 Club Members with daily after-school programs and enrichment activities. 2019 marks the 17th year of a tremendous partnership between the school and the Club. Currently, the Golfview Unit is a recognized 21st Century CLC Learning Center with a primary focus on math and reading skills. The 21st Century CLC Program and Club Unit are funded through the Federal Government and Illinois State Board of Education.


124 Golfview Lane
Carpentersville, IL


Landline: 847.426.9946 / Mobile: 331.276.9153

Club Hours

2:15 – 6:30 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

Club Membership

1st – 5th Grades

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Paloma Gutierrez
Associate Director                                                                           Email: [email protected]

Paloma has been working with the Boys and Girls Club for over 1 year. She grew up in Carpentersville and attended both District 300 and District 220 schools. Most of her education was in District 220 which makes her feel especially connected to the students at Sunny Hill. Paloma loves working for Boys and Girls Clubs! It has helped her realize her passion for working with children and encouraged her to continue her college career to learn more about Early Childhood Education. Paloma is a very creative person. She enjoys to sew, draw, take pictures, and craft. She enjoys utilizing her knowledge on these topics to teach kids new skills and give them new in-club experiences.




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