Club Facts

Board of Directors:

30 Active Board Members
4 Emeritus Board Members

Overall Club Units / Locations:

Eight (8) Club locations
Two (2) School Districts – CUSD 300 & Barrington 220

Staffing / Personnel:

12 full-time Staff
65 part-time staff and 125–200 volunteers annually

Did you know...

In February of 2014 we were the 1st Boys & Girls Club organiation in the State of Illinois (4th in the country) to launch a mobile app for smart phones and tablets.

Did you know...

BGCDT is the 1st BGC organization in the State of Illinois to serve two school districts (CUSD 300 & Barrington 220) with the expansion and opening of Sunny Hill Elementary School in Fall 2014.

Did you know...

In November of 2016 we hosted 400 guests at OTTO for the Tennies & Ties Gala generating over $200K in revenue for the Club!

Did you know...

65% of our Club Members attend our Club at least 52 days, which is nearly 20% higher than the national BGCA average of 48%!

Did you know...

BGCDT now operates eight (8) afterschool Club locations employing nearly 70 individuals in the local community.


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